An odd and often mismatched assortment of people/ a group of friends or teammates who don't seem like they'd work well together, but somehow they do.
Everyone in my group of friends is really different from one another, but we all get along really well; we're quite a motley crew.
by LyricaSilvan January 10, 2015
member of the Jewish faith; a M.O.T.
Jebediah: I'm gonna kick your ass! I'll meet you at the docks at midnight!
Isaac: Nah, let's meet behind the synagogue, same time. I'm gonna bring my whole Motley Crew, and you're going down.
by Nicholas D June 3, 2004
v. to destroy beyond repair and belief.
Last Sunday, I heard that Sarah motley crewed her laptop when she threw it out a fourth story window.
by Sabrina_C July 25, 2006
Verb; to use a substance intraveiniously.
I'm so going to motley crew this vodka right now.
by rawknob June 10, 2009
A group of several people very different from eachother (i.e. origins, nationality, ethnicity, etc).
Person 1: A soldier, an archer, an alchemist, and an oddity. A motley crew we have assembled here, innit?
Person 2: Just like it has always been.
by Verdigris October 24, 2017