Carly: Look at that hot guy that just walked into the room, everyone wants to talk to him!

Madison: Yep, he's a Keir.
by rosenthal_ January 21, 2012
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A generally awesome person, good at making people happy. Sometimes subject to incredible aggression.

(n.)An act of incredible aggression.
Wow dude, that kid is a Keir!

Watch out he is having a Keir!
by jiminitycrickey May 15, 2009
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Keir is an amazing person. He deserves the world and all the happiness in it because that is what he gives out. He's like an exothermic reaction of a human, if he even is-don't get me started on how unhumanly gorgeous he is.
Me : Keir did *insert sweet/kind/generous/good thing* this morning.

Brother : that's so sweet/kind/generous of him, I'm so happy you're with someone so good for you.

Me : I knowwww I love him so much
Brother : I can tell
by Hunter.Piper_B September 4, 2019
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A Keir, is a person unlike any you have met.

You’ll often go throughout life and rarely meet anyone quite like him. Some are a close call and others will remind you of him, but few are like Keir. A Keir is obviously a rare breed, but when encountered they always have an impact. He’s a sexy spontaneous guy that can always make you laugh, with a kind heart and a side so wild that even those well traveled have a hard time keeping up. He crazy but like in a good way, and enduringly sweet and loving.

He can make you laugh hysterically or move you to tears through his words. He has Introspective thoughts that he kindly shares, and always tries his best and means well to all.

You’ll think about things he said when you try to sleep at night, when you see him, you’ll be glad he’s there. He affects the mood of a room by simply being a part of it.

There are those that don’t understand, and hate on Keirs out of ignorance or being to simply to comprehend what a special being they truly are. Even as I write this I may never fully understand what he is. but the haters will be in the few, as for many, if not all will say Keir , I love you.
Person 1: You’ll never meet another Keir
Person 2: Lol no shit.
by Poppygal April 23, 2023
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A Person who has incredible rage, but is caring and loving at the same time.

A god amongst men.

Good friend.
Keir is one of my good friends.

Keir walks like an Angel.
by greggybone July 3, 2009
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The most SMARTEST guy in the Universe and amazing as Hell.

And will kick anybodies ass who messes with them.
Damn that Keir is fly as a matha- fucker
by grace\ January 24, 2018
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A hood-ass light-skinned boy who is hella sexy and hella fast.
An Angel of Empathy and City boy who's a riot. He can be very loud but also very quiet.
You can try to keep up, you can try to play, but Keir is a guy you just beg to stay.
Hes well built with a hot body and a face you just wanna kiss, He's a lover and a fighter for the lost and those in the other, and a boy you will always miss
He's got smarts and wit, humor and grit, and damn everyone is wanting his dick. He turns you sideways, he spins you around, he will tear you up till the building comes crashing down. He's manic he's crazy, he's got style.

Good luck getting him outta your mind cause he will be there for a good long while.
Better lock yourself and your girl up, cause when Keir comes by you both might be wanting to GIVE yourselves up.
by cholitocambino March 3, 2022
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