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When someone or something steals victory or otherwise robs you of your full potential in something.

Examples include:

1) You and another person are the only candidates for a single job opening. You're the more qualified candidate but the other person gets it because they know someone at the company.

2) Playing a racing game and you're about to make record lap time or course time only to get a lousy item which slows you down enough as to prevent setting said record.

3) Having grades just good enough to get into an excellent college. Then when writing an exam, you've done well only for the person grading it to give you a lousy mark (as in far below what you deserved for it) on an essay question. Said low mark lowers your GPA just enough as to disqualify you for the college you wanted.

4) Playing the lottery and missing the jackpot by a single digit.
1) That guy only got the job because his mother is the manager. I was robbed.

2) Dammit, I was about to score record time in this course and then I end up getting an item that slows me down! I was robbed!

3) I would have been able to get into an Ivy League college if it wasen't for the guy that graded my exam giving me such a lousy grade on the essay question in the final exam. I was robbed.

4) The numbers for jackpot were 2, 7, 16, 35 and 48. I had 2, 7, 16, 35 and 47! I was robbed!
by Optimist with experience October 28, 2006
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A term used to reference cannabis/marijuana/weed.
This Jazz Cabbage got me zooted. Jazz Cabbage is less harmful than Squares. I’m smoking that Jazz Cabbage boy.
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When a deserving somebody is looked over and not given what they deserve
Katy on RuPaul drag race was ROBBED
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by Greek.Geek April 17, 2020
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when you're trying to get away from someone who is really annoying but then they catch up to you after school and latch onto you like a parasite until you go home. getting robbed sucks.
Person 1: What did you do after school today?

Person 2: Man I was going to go smoke a bowl but I got robbed. That fucker Bob started following me and I couldn't shake him off.
by Little Jhonny December 22, 2010
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when a teenage girl is "robbed" of her electronic devices by her father named Rob (Robinator) after she does not take the hint to go home from her friends house when he says she can not go to the movies. completely unfair and ridiculous.
Friend- why did you get your computer taken away?
Abby- i was robbed after i lied to him and went to the diner instead of Christinas house.
by freshfruitforabetterlife August 07, 2011
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NFC 2019 Championship game when the Rams commited pass interference and it wasn’t called . Costing the Saints the game and the possibility of the super bowl.
by TheCandleDealer51 January 28, 2019
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When someone you have engaged in an argument with, pretends that they are talking to someone else in an effort to subside the standing argument, but is caught in an awkward state of embarrassment, yet continues to go with the pretend conversation.
F- Dude you have no swag what so ever! Give up on life!
R- Shut up! Anyways...
F- Who the F*** are you talking to?
R- Matt, duh he was like... talking to me.
F- FYL, fo eva...
S-Yo, I think you just got Robbed?
F- FYL too man.
by YouCallMeSenaCauseImSena,SENA September 21, 2010
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