Beers, either bottled or canned
"Hey, can get get me a herr from the fridge."
"What are we drinking tonight? You got any herrs."
by Robbis McGuillity February 22, 2008
referring to the place in which you are currently (i.e. "here")
as in: it's gettin' hot in herr

see also her (definition #2)
by sslgb4 February 9, 2005
1. A person who is so fat that they waddle when they walk, or they don't have the ability to walk at all.
2. A person who is incredibly ugly, so much so, that they may as well be obese.
3. Any shmoopy looking person in general.

note: this term does not apply to people with natural deformities or birth defects. this term only applies to the fat, lazy fucks that eat themselves into oblivion.

*pronounced like hurt but without the T.
Clarence: Hey, look at that fat fucker waddling down the sidewalk.
Liam: Watch out for that herr!

Isaiah: That super hot chick is with that obese slob! What the fuck?
Miles: I guess she's bringing the herr.
by VenomySnicket August 2, 2010
To ‘Herr’ is to take control of a bad situation, turn the fucking ship around and produce miracles.
We thought all hope was lost, but then Sam Herr-Ed us out of trouble again!
by Panthers Banter January 11, 2020
The pronunciation of the word "Here" by someone with country grammar semantics.
"It's so hot in herre."
"So hot hot in herre."
by andoo November 6, 2003
A title given to someone who surpasses all levels of greatness. The greatest award ever given. If someone is given the status of "Herr", they instantly morph into the *Almighty Loaf*. All but the great lord Herr Angenommen can fight off the *Almighty Loaf*.

Jeff: "You have been given the status of 'Herr' Joe..."
Joe: "Ohhhh shiiii-" *morphs into *Almighty Loaf*