He had alot of enjoyment on his face.
by no-ne October 17, 2007
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Someone who enjoys something (particularly a work of art), quite simply.

Not to be confused with a fan. An enjoyer is entirely different from a fan, and the difference is what they gain from the work. A fan will appreciate a work for the sense of community it gives them, even if the work is low quality, whereas the enjoyer appreciates the work on its own merits. This is why fans are many magnitudes more likely to be toxic than enjoyers.
All of these MCU fans squabble with each other, whilst we Josh Trank's Fant4stic enjoyers are content to sit and appreciate the fact that we have patrician taste.
by Noncondolphin March 5, 2021
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"I need to get some enjoyables later on."

Prefix = Enjoy

"I can't wait to enjoy, I'm so stressed out."
by Alycia February 9, 2008
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man you already know what it means, (yes it is a real word, don't listen to real dictionaries)
that ice-cream was enjoyful
by wOAHgnarlyDude May 8, 2018
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The idea of living your life and making the most of your time because you never know when it's your last day
if you change your job because you don't like it, you on the best track to be part of the enjoyism movement
by happy-go-lucky32 February 21, 2013
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What people in 2021 have chosen to say instead of the term "lover".

For example, if you're a hip-hop lover, you now say you're a "hip-hop enjoyer". Both choices of words mean the exact same thing, but in the end, lover is the more fitting choice in casual talk. Enjoyer sounds a bit too fetish-like.

The term enjoyer may come from the business sense in which consumers of products/services are known as "enjoyers" who "enjoy" their products/services. This also explains why some thrift shops choose to call used items as "previously enjoyed". Weird choice for a word that often conjures up sexual connotations... but hey, who am I to argue with the English lexicon.
Greg: I'm a cat enjoyer
Daphne: Wtf??

Greg: What? I love cats, they're cute adorable creatures.
Daphne: Oh ok, I thought you meant something else.
Greg: Er, no?
Daphne: Why not just say cat lover then. I would've understood you if you had led with that.
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian November 16, 2021
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