90 definition by louis

a name that only some1 very beutiful can use upon themselves. they must be very intellegent have big boobs and be perfect in every single department.if this name was used correctly it wud be used 2 refer to an angel as they r perfect like angels.
"omg that gurl is perfect she iz a lynzi"
by Louis October 10, 2004

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fuckbuddie: A friend that you have relations or sex with.
Sarah and Thomas are fuck buddies.
by Louis April 22, 2002

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A Pimp and a Genius, an avid Olde English Drinker and an expert programmer.

A nade spammin/expackin whore.
dont fuck with that spaMgobLiN over there he will own you with one nade.

-gg pwned 2 stoges
by Louis January 20, 2005

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1. Not in full working order.
2. fucked rooted
3. Mentally unfit - Usually from emotional scars left by ex's.
1. It seems to be broken.
2. Its fucking broken man!
3. She's broken.
by louis October 16, 2001

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Peninsula opposite Liverpool
The Liverpool ferry visits Wirral every hour.
by Louis June 28, 2003

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A Bum chum is a male boyfriend to another male.
Elton John is David Fernishes "Bum Chum"
by louis June 06, 2003

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1. To masturbate - wank.
2. Bullshit
1. Im off to have a wank.
2. What a wank.
by louis October 16, 2001

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