A male's hair line done at the barborshop , used mostly in southern Florida, Broward County.
-Go get a tape
-man you need a tape
-damn they fucked up your tape
by heatdynasty January 1, 2006
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1. The things you have under your bed you jack off to and don't want your mom to see, aka your porn tapes.
2. A handy tool which you can do a lot of stuff with, for example, you could tape your girlfriend to the wall, or shut someone's mouth up, y'know, normal things.
1. I know where your porno tapes are.
2. Shut your fuckin mouth or I'll pull out some tape and do it myself!
by definitelynotarapist August 7, 2017
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A reel of flat magnetic media (often in a cassette package). Used for recording audio or video.
He recorded the birthday party on a miniDV video tape.
by great_write_whale June 1, 2013
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A sticky strand that u can put on stuff....
by Kenshin13(Karman) January 28, 2004
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Someone who drinks crunk and breaks there wrists, not cut but break
what does ben b. equal? a TAPE
by dawondaonly June 15, 2007
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Code for cigarettes. Usually used by underage kids to talk about smoking without their parents knowledge.
Hey man, I got some new tapes the otherday. Want to listen to them after school?
by Jenn May 6, 2005
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