90 definition by louis

The greatest insult on british tv ever from red dwarf
"rimmer your such a smegg head!"
by louis February 27, 2005

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Hich Hikers Guide To The Galaxy - The Universal repository for all knowledge and wisdom. see Douglas Adams.
Can i borrow your copy of HHGTTG?
by louis October 17, 2001

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A term to describe that something/someone is Teriffic, Good, Great!, It r0x.
I had a grouse day today.
by louis October 23, 2001

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When something is farout or crazy.
Wow man thats really whacked!
by louis October 16, 2001

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A pimp-ass ho who has all the goods to make the men want to get in her pants. She's usually the hottests person in the room and is a big partier.
Yo, that bitch is a total Loquan!
by Louis December 28, 2003

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Little blue people from a cartoon series.
Papa Smurf! Papa Smurf! Gargamel captured Smurfette!
by louis October 22, 2001

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1. A pound.

2. The act of giving someone a pound.
Yo, Loquan give me an lbsdot son.
by Louis December 28, 2003

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