a slang term referring to quitting the drug heroin cold turkey ,because of the muscle spasms that partake during heroin drawl.
man Jo's kicking heroin right now, because he is tiered of being an adict. thats why he looks like shit right now.
by fiend_pdx_123 March 1, 2011
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When a drug user is going through withdrawal, therefore known as 'kicking the habit'.
Don't talk to Chris, he's kicking this week.
by thecapnjay February 18, 2010
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A fine old English tradition and the nation's favourite pastime, a kicking is what the Yanks would call an ass-beating. A fucking good hiding. A proper doing-over. A thorough mullering.

Despite the name not necessarily performed with the feet, but à chacun son goût.
Get out of my face now or you're going to get a good kicking, you cunt.
by snootful November 19, 2019
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Kicking is the equivalent of rocking except on your feet. One who rocks a shirt, equivalently kicks sneakers, or shoes.
A:What kind of shoes are you kicking?
B: Adidas Samba 85's man
by the onion! September 1, 2007
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In Australia, predominantly Victoria and other AFL football code states such as South Australia; people of all ages will get their mates out to the park or road or hallway and have a kick of the footy. A favourite past time of all kids, kick to kick can be defined best as one person kicking the ball to another and then marking the ball and so on.
"Hey Johnny come out for kick to kick."
"Yeah sure, kick to kick"
by Simmosssss October 31, 2008
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a term people use in place of the wordhang out
hey bro let’s kick it!”
yea fo sho
by badass bitch what u lookin @ January 16, 2020
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