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A lot. Well more than 4 anyhow.
(usuall semi-infantile)
..and then he burped a bersquillionpajillion times!!!
by louis October 19, 2001
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lame thing to say if your a clueless newbie. Stands for Age Sex Location.
Hi, im after netsex asl?
by louis October 18, 2001
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They are monkies. They work for telstra.
Working on the same princaple as Doglas Adams infinate number of monkies.
What a bunch of telstra monkies!
by louis October 18, 2001
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A Bum chum is a male boyfriend to another male.
Elton John is David Fernishes "Bum Chum"
by louis June 6, 2003
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Is your clue that you need to act quick.
If you're good you'll beable to dump her before she dumps you.
If you're really good, you'll fuck her first and then dump her before she wants to cuddle.
-Situation A-
Woman: We need to tal...
Man: (interupting) I've been thinking, and ... you're a slut. And I want your sister.

-Situation B-
Woman: We need to talk.
Man: That sounds wonderful. I have been planning to have you come over to my place and to cook you a candle lit meal.
The Plan: Pick her up and take her to your place (she'll feel dependent on you and won't break up b/c she needs a ride home). Suck it up and cook something she likes. Include wine, cucumbers and good n plentys (they'll all make her horny). After dinner play some good music. By then the wine will be kicking in and she'll be doubting her earlier plans and you can work your stuff. It'll be some of the best sex you'll have b/c she'll have been through a bunch of woman emotional stuff. She'll most-likely be on top too. Once your done with firsts and possibly seconds. Tell her you need to take her home so you can get to work tomorrow. Dump her at her door step. Do not back down and keep seeing her. If you do, she'll dump you for sure in 4-7 days.
Peace and happy masterbating.
by louis January 25, 2004
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1. Broken or fucked.
2. Tired.
Oh, thats rooted!
Im rooted.
by louis October 17, 2001
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