90 definitions by louis

bike is a pedal away in evolution to tall bike
tallbike is grown up bike to free police horse with postapocaliptic sport tallbike jousting
by louis October 26, 2004
see mong. some 1 who no 1 likes and is unable 2 have a conversation in a civil manner. he thinks he iz a ware wolf
fuk of fujira no 1 likes u
by louis October 10, 2004
1. Something good. (From rocks)
2. The things inside lame ppls heads.
1. Man! that movie r0x!
2. He's got r0x in his head.
by louis October 24, 2001
1. An ugly person.
2. A ferral pig.
1. Yeah, he's a bit of a bush pig.
2. ditto.
by louis October 24, 2001
3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine, C11H15NO2 (mol. wt. 193.24)
or ecstasy

A clubbers drug... Giving that loved up feeling.
by louis October 18, 2001
i was so loved up i was bouncin off the walls
by louis June 17, 2002
Once described as having a crush on every person you see.
by louis October 19, 2001