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To be killed by the Mafia.
Joey Bagadonuts: I heard Vinnie Salami got whacked.

Muscles Marinara: Serves him right. He sang like a canary to an undercover fed and ratted out the whole Lasagna family.
by Readum And Weep October 07, 2015
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There is heaps of meanings for 'whacked'.
a. To be killed.
b. To be hit.
c. Hungover.
d. Stupid.
e. Bloody awesome.
f. Drunk.
g. Stoned.
h. Not working properly.
i. Stuffed.
a. Man his car flipped straight off the cliff, police found him whacked.
b. he was so whacked, face was all bleeding and shit.
c. Ohh man I woke up so festy, my heads whacked.
d. What a fucking whacked driver, ran the red light straight in front of me.
e. You are so bloody whacked man, gotta love ya !
f. I've had so much yo drink me and Maddy are whacked as.
g. Fuck mannn I'm too whacked to talk all your serious shit.
h. Computers bloody whacked, heap of junk.
i. Good luck with that, I wouldn't bother with something so whacked !
by Court Jeremiahh March 28, 2008
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1. To be high.
2. When someone gets killed by the mafia they get whacked.
1. "I'm whacked now."
2. "Why did they have to whack him daddy?"
"He got whacked 'coz he talked son."
by Diego August 29, 2003
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