Guy: "You alright there babes?"
Girl: "Ooh, yeah. Just havin a flick on me bean!"
by Bex July 30, 2003
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is common description for a properly executed kickflip, meaning not flipping it mob-style.
ya seen rowley's wicked frontside flick/flicker over dat ditch thing?
by BC Crewstarr August 12, 2003
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an asian who sucks cock and wants to try and group all asians together
by yama February 11, 2003
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to but ur 1st finger behind ur thumd and put pressur on it till it realeses
u do it to ur emenys alot, if ur immatur
by zoe June 10, 2004
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'A flick' is when an amateur skateboarder attempts a kickflip and instead 'flicks' the board out in front of him and possibly lands it one footed, but lacking the correct technique to land it properly.
A kickflick doesn't exist however 'a flicker' is a sick trick, usually a flip or other sweet move over a gap or off a launchramp.
"The poser went of the launchee and did 'a flick'. His board hit a girl in the head."
by Diego August 19, 2003
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