Testicles (or rather "balls", typically in the sense of having "big balls", i.e. nerve or audacity)
"Can you believe the gigantic, cast-iron clackers on that guy?"
by pr1mal August 22, 2003
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a canal in a female mammal that leads from the uterus to the external orifice opening into the vestibule between the labia minora
Person 1 - 'I've got a really itchy Clacker'
Person 2 - 'Hun, you slept with that man whore last week, you’ve probably got an SDT.'
by thorpey65 October 25, 2010
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1. noun. a high fashion, sophisticated girl, always wearing the new Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent. Someone who knows the difference between the colors black and onix.
2. a stunning beauty working in NYC for somekind of fashion magazine. ALWAYS showing up to work in the hottest styles, possibly not even out for the public yet.
by DulceysSecret March 10, 2007
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