Like swearing God! But with More Drastic Emphasis
Gawd I Hate that Fuckin' traffic!!!!
by Starchylde December 30, 2015
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A secularized version of the term "God". Sometimes used by secular people who still wish to use a phrase such as "Oh my God!" but don't actually want to acknowledge a deity since that would be hypocritical.
Oh my Gawd are you hurt!?
Gawddamnit, that was my last doughnut!
by Icehawk April 14, 2004
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1. Another word for god, Used in place of god for two reasons

1. Censors prevent user from typing god, so instead of "Oh my god" the user would type "Oh my Gawd"

1. Messing around and just typing it to be funny

2. A really 1337 player in the FTP FPS "AVA"
"Oh my gawd, That guys hacking!"

"I was playing some AVA yesterday and Gawd from that Dog Soldiers clan friggin owned me!"
by AlmaDSC May 15, 2010
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oh my gawd!!!111! wtf?? lol~!!!seveyone!!
by Anonymous May 24, 2003
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Gawd is used when you don't wanna use God's name in vain so so say Gawd
Your friend just said your boyfriend kissed your best friend " Oh My GAWD I know that heffa didn't."
by Precious4real December 14, 2018
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See wordGod/word.
Prefered by many whom do not believe in the ever popular 'God'-The deity believed to have created the entire world and universe, etc.
Gawddammit, I cut too deeply that time!
by Mandy October 2, 2003
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