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The term used (similar to suped up) wen describing usually a car's level of modification. If I car is heavily modified, and pretty much looks cool, it's said as "tricked out".
Dude, your car's really tricked out; I tricked out my car with the nice paint job.
by Louis August 29, 2004
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to rub your genitals on someone vigourasly
yo dog, I smooched your mumma's face last night and she was like "oh thats good smooching"
by Louis April 26, 2005
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Little blue people from a cartoon series.
Papa Smurf! Papa Smurf! Gargamel captured Smurfette!
by Louis October 22, 2001
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The act of dying ones pubic hair blue and then bragging about it.
Also see map o' Tassie
Yo! I got me a smurf man!
by Louis October 22, 2001
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To kiss with an open mouth. French kiss. Toungie.
by Louis October 24, 2001
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A Pimp and a Genius, an avid Olde English Drinker and an expert programmer.

A nade spammin/expackin whore.
dont fuck with that spaMgobLiN over there he will own you with one nade.

-gg pwned 2 stoges
by Louis January 20, 2005
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