52 definition by kurt

to adorn oneself for the sole purpose of having sex.
1.she must have done somthing to her hair to make her sexyfied.

2.That jacket makes you totaly sexyfied.
by Kurt May 12, 2004

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Slang for Movies. See Clockwork Orange
That picture was real horrorshow. It's like nothing I've ever viddied at the cinny.
by kurt March 28, 2005

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bordism - complete and utter boredom, a state in which you're sitting there falling asleep when you're wide awake.
Little johnny is suffering from utter fucking bordism
by Kurt August 08, 2004

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the smell of nuts
clean your nuts they smell like piss
by kurt June 14, 2003

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It is simply ebonic pig latin.
Pig Latin becomes Pizzig Lizzatin.
Fo' Sho' becomes fizzo shizzo, or fo shizzo, which then became shizzle, in and of itself a new slang word.
by Kurt March 19, 2003

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huge nipples that shock everyone that sees them
ben burvill has pancake nipples to the max
by kurt October 19, 2004

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shit on a stick.
doodoo, gonna put it onnnn you!
by kurt December 30, 2002

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