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Charlie is a really nice and selfless person.He will often hide his sad feelings in front of people to make them happy.He usually stays up all night to play with his friends.He is referred to by Prince Charming,Knight Iā€™m shining armor,Mark, or mark the marker.He has a nice girlfriend and will ALWAYS be there for you if you need him.He teases and make fun of you in a nice way.Hes a shy boi XD.He likes memes and making people laugh.He likes to also shatter his friends with complements.Charlie is overall a nice person.
*Awkward silence*
Charlie:Despaceto 2
Kiwi:*Dying on laughter*
by Kiwi_meeeee June 22, 2018
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1. Slight sins or offenses
2. Petty crimes or small infractions
3. Las Vegas Punk Rock!
Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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A big massive turd that eats children in its spare time and dabs on haters as it walks off a cliff. It's motto is "We eat not to destroy, but to feel turbulence in our behind area during waste management"
A true hero
The Charlie ate some children the enjoyed the sound of them being digested inside of it.
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by HappyTotallyNotDepressedGuy November 16, 2019
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Perfect :) He is sweet, kind, caring, cute, funny, sensitive, and everything a girl wants him to be. He is the sweetest person anyone will EVER meet. Any girl would be lucky to date him. She should never let him go.
by December 13, 2016
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A easily annoyed and confused unicorn that is always being pestered by a purple unicorn and pink unicorn. They've taken Charlie to candy mountain and stole his kidney, taken him to the Banana king and robbed him, taken him into the ocean and broke his horn off, and tried to blow up the moon with him on it. Anything that sings to Charlie will explode.
by Carl_TheLlama March 06, 2019
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A goofy person who many think is mentally disabled when first meeting them. They often want relationships that are toxic to their mental health and make them overall dull overtime because they fear being alone. They will attract the absolute worst types of people who will always walk all over them in every sense. They can struggle with eating at times and they work hard to make others happy before themselves. Advice for a Charlie would be to leave their dysfunctional relationship if they feel as if the other person has a wandering eye for their friends or coworkers. Additionally they care for others until they become dependent financially and quit their jobs knowing Charlie will take care of them. A Charlie will always try their hardest to make others smile with their humor. They stick to depressed loner types that suck their happy energy away as opposed to boosting them up emotionally. They enjoy a dark sense of humor as opposed to light. Charlie's are very spiritual and make the mistake of being with a false "spiritualist" who is in reality a chronic pessimist.
Girl: I'm only dating Charlie to be more social, which actually backfired because he's not letting me flirt with others at work. I'm not in love with Charlie cuz we have nothing in common. I'm scared to be alone at this point and he keeps me up.
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by kreamypstablue February 08, 2020
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