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The sweetest guy you could ever meet. You'd be lucky to have him as a friend, and the luckiest person in the world to date him. Once you have him don't let him go. He's incredibly sexy with an amazing personality. Has an amazing sense of humor. Knows how to make a girl feel like the world. You could never be bored while you're with Charlie. Amazing in bed!(;
Girl1: I wish I had my own Charlie:(
by ThisGirlHere. March 22, 2012
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Charlie is an incredibly well mannered, secksi man that has the potential to have abs... but are still a work in progress. any girl would be extremely lucky to have this hot, kind mofo with a nice smile and a good social appearance. a certain amount of Charlie's can skate, which is hotter. A Charlie that can skate is like finding a Charizard in the old days of Pokemon Go. He has the potential to become a golden elephant and grant wishes. He is also a great cuddler and kisser, on the couch or in the bed... it is also a MUCH better name than Wylie and anyone with the name Charlie is instantly a better person than ANY Wylie.
"I could really do for a Charlie right now"
"I wish Charlie was mine"
by RepDog_An3l September 08, 2019
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The most trustworthy, real, down to earth girl ever. Somehow always has dirt on everyone and is fairly good at getting people together. She has beef with a few people as well. All in all, she’s one hell of a person
Person 1: who’s your best friend?
Person 2: Charlie *****

Person 1: What, why?

Person 2: she’s so wholesome and cool, she’s really good at listening too.
by OMG ITS CARL May 12, 2018
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Charlie is the most amazing guy you will ever meet in your life. He is super athletic and has a hot body. He makes everyone around him feel so good about themselves and he's a real charmer. The cutest guy you will ever meet in your life and you'll want to hug him everytime you see him. He is absolutely hilarious and polite and social to everyone. HOT
by charlieloverrrrrr November 22, 2019
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A easily annoyed and confused unicorn that is always being pestered by a purple unicorn and pink unicorn. They've taken Charlie to candy mountain and stole his kidney, taken him to the Banana king and robbed him, taken him into the ocean and broke his horn off, and tried to blow up the moon with him on it. Anything that sings to Charlie will explode.
by Carl_TheLlama March 06, 2019
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Perfect :) He is sweet, kind, caring, cute, funny, sensitive, and everything a girl wants him to be. He is the sweetest person anyone will EVER meet. Any girl would be lucky to date him. She should never let him go.
by December 13, 2016
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