Sugar, powder, snow, the special dust, Daddy’s special nose medicine.

One day an Irishman caught his son snorting Charlie. He said “If you don’t stop snorting that shit I’ll rub your fuckin’ nose in.
by no one pays attention to this October 26, 2017
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A truly unique human being. His friends are truly lucky to know him. He may tend to believe he doesn’t have many true friends, but little does he know how many people admire, care for, and think about him. He is loved by many, although he may not believe it. He is caring, compassionate, understanding, and one of the most selfless kinds of people to walk the earth. You would be lucky to know Charlie, and if you are privileged enough to be able to, you will thank your lucky stars ever single day. He has a strange affiliation to waffles, and is endearingly funny. He is charming, gentle, and kind. If there were more Charlie’s in the world, it would truly be a much lovelier place. Charlie is the jewel of the earth.
“I’d sell an arm and a leg and also probably a kidney just to live another lifetime with Charlie.”

“You know Charlie? I wish I was so lucky.”
by charmie stan July 15, 2021
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Charlie is a really nice and selfless person.He will often hide his sad feelings in front of people to make them happy.He usually stays up all night to play with his friends.He is referred to by Prince Charming,Knight I’m shining armor,Mark, or mark the marker.He has a nice girlfriend and will ALWAYS be there for you if you need him.He teases and make fun of you in a nice way.Hes a shy boi XD.He likes memes and making people laugh.He likes to also shatter his friends with complements.Charlie is overall a nice person.
*Awkward silence*
Charlie:Despaceto 2
Kiwi:*Dying on laughter*
by Kiwi_meeeee June 22, 2018
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The most amazing guy you will ever meet, like ever. Also so sweet, he never wants to hurt anyone. Having a Charlie in your life is so lucky, they don’t always last forever though, so hold on it him! Charlie is so caring, if your close to him he will protect you at all coasts. His smile makes you smile, his happiness makes you happy. Losing a Charlie is the hardest thing that could ever happen to you, Charlie is not an easy perosn to get over. Charlie is on of those people that you miss before they even leave. Probably the most naturally lovable person you will ever meet.
I met this guy named Charlie he's amazing
by potter_koala November 19, 2018
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A easily annoyed and confused unicorn that is always being pestered by a purple unicorn and pink unicorn. They've taken Charlie to candy mountain and stole his kidney, taken him to the Banana king and robbed him, taken him into the ocean and broke his horn off, and tried to blow up the moon with him on it. Anything that sings to Charlie will explode.
by Carl_TheLlama March 7, 2019
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Girls with the name Charlie, are very attractive in my opinion, I've never seen any girl called Charlie who is not attractive, shout out to all the female Charlies in the world, you are probably all really attractive
Hey you seen 'em charlies, they're really nice
by Cis Knight Alex October 14, 2019
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