52 definitions by Kurt

An anoying member of Hxcs, he is only 15 and thinks he is that shit.
Don't be an Argusius
by Kurt June 22, 2003
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An animated series created in France. Resembles anime in many ways, except the most noticeable thing is that the characters have big heads. While the story of the show was somewhat interesting, the voice acting leaves a lot to be desired.
I can't get passed the horrible acting to see anything good about this show.
by Kurt February 04, 2005
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That picture was real horrorshow. It's like nothing I've ever viddied at the cinny.
by Kurt March 28, 2005
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A legendary follower of malkav that sucks up to Deadboy13 to get free rune ore.
Cleoman askes deadboy if he could kindly mine him rune ore so he can buy full dragon one day.
by Kurt April 19, 2005
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someone with a back which is disgusting
rob i cant believe you rooted rhian she is a mole back
by Kurt October 19, 2004
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