52 definition by kurt

Cool, awesome, etc
That car is mean
by Kurt September 30, 2003

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stupid pointless and boring
Life sux, get over it
by Kurt July 19, 2003

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Some kid who rocks up to your party who you dont even know, and when you make race jokes with ur friends (all in good fun) gets all huffy.. even though he is in fact a white person, the race of people well renowned for their imperialist attitudes.
Kurt (white) : Watch out this kid might steal your land
Gadi (asian) : Haha
Gay kid (white): Thats not cool man, I am going to make up for hundreds of years of hatred and oppression with one act of melodramatic overexagerated political correctness
Gadi : I really dont mind hes just joking
Gay Kid : *tries to fight everyone*
Gadi : U dirty race nark
by Kurt November 14, 2005

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This is a general term used by someone who has absolutely no concept of the game of basketball. If you ever hear someone say this, you should immediately be aware that this person has absolutely no business on a basketball court. If you see someone on a court stating this phrase, then rest assured you will soon be smoking their ass in a game of one on one.
Ex: (first guy) Hey man, I'm about to dunk on the board!
(second guy) Oh really? Well then...I'm about to smoke your ass in a game of one on one!
by kurt April 22, 2005

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so drunk that you can't spell cocked.
im wicked cokecd dude
by kurt July 15, 2004

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A legendary follower of malkav that sucks up to Deadboy13 to get free rune ore.
Cleoman askes deadboy if he could kindly mine him rune ore so he can buy full dragon one day.
by Kurt April 19, 2005

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While receiving oral satisfaction from a woman, stab her in the back. This will cause her jaw to clench giving you a different feeling than just an ordinary blow job would give.
My friends dared me to give her a stabbing kitten, because hey, I don't even like her anyways.
by Kurt April 24, 2005

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