52 definition by kurt

Racial slur for a Jap.
Their eyes are slanted like a 9 iron
That nine iron got his irons modelled after his eyes.
by Kurt March 22, 2005

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Deregatory term used for men of the homosexual persuasion.
Look at those two shitdicks over there - you know they're gonna be packing each other's asses tonight.
by Kurt December 31, 2004

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the coolest person on this earth
hey lets go see quege cause he is uber
by Kurt May 02, 2003

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Less extreme then "What the FUCK?!" but just as meaningful
What the shit is up with those two bitches?!
by Kurt May 06, 2005

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An animated series created in France. Resembles anime in many ways, except the most noticeable thing is that the characters have big heads. While the story of the show was somewhat interesting, the voice acting leaves a lot to be desired.
I can't get passed the horrible acting to see anything good about this show.
by Kurt February 04, 2005

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The result of recieving felatio then before ejaculation removing the penis from the girls mouth, making her lift up her tounge and then ejaculating under the tounge, resembiling a pearl in an oysters mouth
Chuck loves the way his cum looks in Sheelas mouth so he makes her do the oyster at least once a day.
by Kurt January 24, 2005

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to hit someone in their nuts
I willy popped Shane so hard he puked.
by kurt October 03, 2004

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