A beautiful lady, who's athletic and the most funniest person ever. She is usually brunette and has the most beautiful brown eyes. She loves to go to parties with her friends to have a fun time. She is confident about her herself, but at times feels that she is not beautiful. She has a nice body and a nice bubble butt. She forgets how special she is and at times feels worthless. She's very protective of the ones she loves and cares for. She has the most prettiest smile, and one of the biggest, but never let her smile get to you at times it can be fake. She has a lot of guy friend and loves to play sports. She can be mistaken as a slut but really isnt. She is also there for other when they need it and will help you in any problem. She also loves to give advice and teach others how to see the brighter things in life. She will make your day and will always have you smiling or laughing . She is also one that can change your emotions in seconds. She love to talk to people but to open up or then would have to take some time. Shes a girl who has lost some fights and might still be getting through them but she will never give up and will not let that effect her friends. When it comes to problems she keeps them to her self, she prefers to keep them to herself and not have anyone worry about her.
by Blakee1 February 19, 2017
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Ambers are amazing friends without them the world would fall apart. When ever something is wrong in your life amber is there to help you threw it. She's your own personal counselor whatever you need she has it. She doesn't always pick winner boyfriends but her best friend (usually male) (and usually by the name of jack) has her back. Life isn't complete with out an amber in it.
Person 1: is that an amber?
Person 2: yes, she's my best friend.
by All the way up👌 April 17, 2017
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Amber is a very smart, curvy, beautiful women. Whenever she walks into a room everyone notices her and stares. Amber doesn't normally think she is attractive, and is sometimes self concious. People either want to be her, or be friends with her. Every guy drools over her beauty.
Guy: damn, did you see that girls (booty)? Must be an Amber
Guy #2: yes, she definitely is, what an amazing smile
by Natnat1299 December 22, 2016
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An amazing girl with lots of potential. Has had quite a rough patches in her life but, had never given up, and never will. Stands tall and is proud for who she is. Isn't always popular and pretty, or the star, she is an underdog but still the boss. Acts her age and like an adult, but just wants to have fun.
Loud Speaker: "And your 2017 class president is ..."
Student 1: "I wonder who it is?"
Student 2: "I bet it is an Amber!"
by diagnosed with depression April 17, 2017
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Amber is a sweet but yet sometimes shy girl, she often has hazel eyes is normally short and has a range from light brown to brunette hair. You must be care full with Amber she has been hurt before and might as well have a "handle with care" sign stamped right on her. Amber may not always like to talk about how she feels to very many but few people get the chance to see whats behind her closed doors, if you happen to be one of those people note that she puts trust in you and hopes that you dont take advantage of it. You can tell Amber anything she will listen and never judge you for what you have to say you can trust her with all your secrets as long as you dont take advantage of that trust, or if you do she will never see you the same. Amber is a very beautiful girl to others, but she tends to think otherwise. She may only have a few close friends but always happen to be a bit taller than her. If you ever have an Amber in your life its a best idea to keep her around.
Amber is very loving.
by Amanning23 October 12, 2017
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Amber is a outgoing and sociable beautiful girl. She often gets mistaken for being flirty because of the number of boys who crowd around her. She is usually athletic and is a great player for sports and competitions.

A very daring person, often getting in trouble trying to humour classmates while poking fun at Teachers.

Amber is unaware of her beauty but she is hella fine manz.
A random dumb hoe: Look at Amber, she’s such a slut, with all the guys talking to her.

Me: Bitch back the fuck up before I slap your flat ass to your mama’s stank ass pussy hole
by Tony Washington August 29, 2017
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Beautiful, adorable girl always makes you smile when You don't want to smile at all. If your friends with her your Lucky and if you aren't than your a very stupid person and should meet her.
Person 1 "omg who is that she is so pretty
Person 2 " that's just Amber"
by The anon truth teller November 1, 2014
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