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The best girl you will have on your side. Don't ever lose her cause then you will soon lose yourself, She will leave you in awe and just plain amazement. one of the most cutest girl's you will ever meet, knows how to treat a person as who they are and gets to know you and how you are. Do her wrong and it will mess you up and leave you thinking about what you have done.
Hey you see her over there who is she?
Oh that's Amber the best girl in the world, careful man almost every guy hits on her but not one can have her , also watch out for her bad side . Goodluck
by Wolfie (Stars At Night) May 31, 2017
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Very funny and very pretty. Super fun to hang out with, and is a generally awesome friend. Usually has lovely pale skin and freckles, and has confidence problems. An Amber is an extremely talented and smart person, most commonly a girl, and has many friends. A lesson that Amber needs to learn is to believe in herself and cherish the moments she spends with her friends and family.
Amber is so nice. I wish I was more like her!
by PaytonLueders07 July 06, 2016
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A gorgeous young female that knows how to get everyone's attention, Amber has always got along with boys more than girls and is always mistaken as an "slut" or "tomboy". When in a relationship Amber is the best girlfriend a man would ask for, she's good looking and knows how to make a man laugh, anyone who would give up an Amber so easily is a fool. Amber's boyfriend gets jealous and paranoid easily as she gets on with boys so well but will carry on always loving her.
Sophie - "That Amber over there is such a slut."
Lauren -"No! She just has good banter and gets along with boys."
Kirsten -"I wish I was Amber."
by Phinalle March 15, 2015
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Amber is a very smart, curvy, beautiful women. Whenever she walks into a room everyone notices her and stares. Amber doesn't normally think she is attractive, and is sometimes self concious. People either want to be her, or be friends with her. Every guy drools over her beauty.
Guy: damn, did you see that girls (booty)? Must be an Amber
Guy #2: yes, she definitely is, what an amazing smile
by Natnat1299 January 08, 2017
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A girl with extreme beauty. Doesn't put up with anything bad. She stands up to bullies but if you try to make her your girlfriend, she'll most likely punch you in the face. Sassy and tough, she'll make you wish you were braver.
Jacob: Did you see that beautiful girl in the hallway today?
Steve: Yeah, she's a total Amber.
Jacob: I tried to smooth talk her but she kicked me in the face!
by RockTheHouse April 08, 2016
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Ambers are amazing friends without them the world would fall apart. When ever something is wrong in your life amber is there to help you threw it. She's your own personal counselor whatever you need she has it. She doesn't always pick winner boyfriends but her best friend (usually male) (and usually by the name of jack) has her back. Life isn't complete with out an amber in it.
Person 1: is that an amber?
Person 2: yes, she's my best friend.
by All the way up๐Ÿ‘Œ April 17, 2017
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