a word from the 'samoan' language (the pacific island SAMOA.same nationality as the hip hop group Boo Yaa TRIBE....sole means a fellow,friend,mate
hey sole!, what you doin?
how are you sole?
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A slang word use to call upon a Samoan islander
HEY SOLE! lets get sum fush and chups..bro!

by anglo-wog March 6, 2008
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A member of anticon whose Bottle of Humans became an instant underground classic. This record is unappreciated by some and they feel like an MC HAS to ryhme. That's right, sole doesn't ryhme, so fuck off.
the rapper
by Reid March 8, 2004
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When both the driver's seat and shotgun seat are occupied in an automobile, additional passengers have no choice but to ride sole, another name for sitting in the backseat.
"I call shotgun!"
"Shit, I guess I'm stuck riding sole."
by OmicronPersei9 August 9, 2008
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A term commonly used in the pacific islands and Hawaii which describes a very large and intimedating looking male.
Dont ever give that sole da stink eyeor he slam you into the ground.
Our school's football team has alot of soles.
by Kailua boy January 31, 2004
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a fat, big samoan, with most of them having a 'poi like substance' on there neck, while all sharing a common body odor.
HHOOOO!! look that fat sole, he so stink!!
by moilepoKid September 12, 2005
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A solee is an amazing person that cares about others and always there for you. She is a very huggable person that will talk to you and share memories with. If you see a solee she will make sure you know she's there and will hug you. There are not that many solees out there so if you see one than its a rare sighting.
Wow that solee is so savage

I wish I was a solee like her
by Alfootso March 23, 2017
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