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a word from the 'samoan' language (the pacific island SAMOA.same nationality as the hip hop group Boo Yaa TRIBE....sole means a fellow,friend,mate
hey sole!, what you doin?
how are you sole?
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Adjective- Originating in Mobile, AL among black community
1. Lacking the ability to dress

2. Not matching completely
3. Behaving in a lame manner
Synonyms: tacky, lame, weak
This nigga got on bootcut jeans and timbs in june, he sole af.
by Da Leprechaun April 10, 2017
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Solé, although not spelled the same, means sun or sunshine in french. Solé is the girl everyone wants to be friends with. She is a very pretty, kind, and warm- hearted person. She is the person others rely on, and is constantly a shoulder to lean on.
"Solé, your dress is beautiful, you look stunning."
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A girl who is beautiful but says she isn't. She likes music but loves bands. This girl will be depressed but she can still cheer someone up anytime by her stupidity. Trusting her might be hard for that she is lied to people but she gets caught up because she is too busy with her head in the clouds. This girl is a reject from others but is okay with her title , she writes but never shares for she thinks it's horrible. She can become something but you may never know till you help her. Don't hurt her or she will be crushed , give her cuddles and soft kisses on the forehead because she loves that shit. If you love her tell her because trust me she makes everyone love her.
She's beautiful and amazing that's why her name is Sole'
by A person who likes music December 18, 2015
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