A twenty dollar bill. Named after the 7th president of the United States who is on the face of the bill. Usually used in reference to asking for a bribe.
Cop: Have you seen Vinnie? There's a warrant out for his arrest.

Guido: I never talk to cops, but I'll talk to Andrew Jackson.
by dead parrot September 18, 2010
the seventh president, war hero, loved by many, hated by more. his actions caused so much harm and damage to the united states. many people like him because of all the stuff he did but if you actually went to class in high school you would know he was just a little bitch. he didn’t take and responsibility for his actions. he just dumped them all on Martin van Buren
by zocarra April 22, 2019
Most badass of all the presidents. Truly and honestly didn't give a fuck about haters. He is the only president to have had an attempt on his life to fail, only to chase down his assailant and beat him down with a cane. If he lived today, his theme song would probably be "Get Back" by Ludacris
Shit. Andrew Jackson's gonna beat my ass if I don't do what he says!
by balla extraordinaire January 27, 2009
7th President of the United States. 1st President not to be a founding father of the US. Won the battle of New Orleans in War of 1812. First and only President to pay off the National Debt. Left such an influence an oppostion party was created called the Anti-Jackson Party. It was against the Free Masons, becuase President Jackson was one. Reponsible in creating libel towards the Masons.
Andrew Jackson: "I like to have a house party in the WH!"
by PoliSci Major November 23, 2009
The seventh president of the United States; gunfighter, lover, war hero, man of the people, made enemies on a daily basis just to have something to do. He didn't give a crap about what anybody said.

2012 US debt: 16000000000000 dollars.

1835 US debt: 0.0 dollars.

(That's without inflation)
Andrew Jackson would kick Kim Jong Un's ass; Andrew Jackson with one day as president would bring an end to all terror.
by ForgetheSoul February 12, 2013
The luckiest US President with balls ever !!

Jackson fought the international fat cat bankers’ central banking system (in today’s term – “The Federal Reserve” ) and DID NOT get assassinated !!

Well, let us just say several assassination attempts had failed to take Jackson’s life.

Jackson had been able to chase the international central banking fat cats out of America and held them off.
Andrew Jackson actually fought the fat cat bankers and lived through 2-terms. WOW.
by therootofallevilthefed November 8, 2011
The 7th president of the United States. He acted against the ruling of the Supreme Court which recognized the government of the Cherokee Indians and the borders of their homeland. He helped the Georgians to force the Cherokee out of their land, saying such things as, "Let (the Supreme Court) protect them" and "We will light a fire underneath (the Cherokee) so that they will have to move." After being rounded up and placed in concentration camps, many Cherokee starved to death, while others prostetuted themselves for food. Then they began the Trail of Tears or Trail Where They Cried Oklahoma, along which several thousand died. The reason of all this was the anger and selfishness of Georgians who could not accept the fact that the Cherokee had built a government for which the United States government was a model (it had 3 branches of government). Moreover, the Georgians, excited by the Georgia Gold Rush, wanted the gold that was on Cherokee land. It is through his actions that today certain groups of Cherokee Indians now buy back very small portions of the land that is there's, reluctantly using casino money to do so. Thus, Andrew Jackson is another step in the legacy of cruelty, racism, and genocide of American Indians.
Although his actions were horrible, Americans continue to revere Andrew Jackson because he was "a man of his times" and that somehow excuses him.
by John Thiel June 27, 2006