pronunciation: Six-hunnit

Definition: Originating from the culture of Gaming illuminaughty. A "600" is a repercussion that prevents a user from communicating in a Twitch stream for 600 seconds or 10 min. "600" are often handed to those who fail to take account Basic social rules of interaction. People who don't understand the phrase "A Time and a Place", Racists, Sexists, and overall scumbags.
Weirdo says in chat: Yo Come Check out my mixtape its fire.
*Chat looks at it*
TBH: Ok, Here you go. Now you got a 600
*Weirdo Cries over something stupid*
by Impossible IS NUTHIN September 11, 2020
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- A numeric code that became popular in the 90's.

Alternate meaning:
- Attitude adjustment needed.
- Spells "God" in pager code.

Pager code: "555-1234*600"
by marina5235 December 18, 2012
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Bartender code for going for a cigarette break.
"Watch the bar, 600"
by bobbinson April 12, 2010
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a group of pussy niggas that never do shit to nobody
“oh nah he 600 he pussy
“that 600 nigga pussy he never jinked up”
by mrswitchuptheset January 25, 2022
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Watching the movie 300 twice within a short period of time. Could also be 900, or the incredibly dangerous 1200.
Guy 1: That movie was kickass! What should we do now?

Guy 2: Care to make it 600?
by Basswolf November 11, 2007
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a group of pussy ass little kids that don’t do shit to anyone
“he jackin 600 he pussy
by faceofthebronx January 24, 2022
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