The best nickname anyone on the planet could ever be called.
Guy 1:Hey man, did you see that cool guy?

Guy2:Yeah, he reminds me of a Seabass.
by seabassyo March 14, 2009
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Hypnotic vodka + Cactus cooler

a delicious mixture of an alcoholic beverage with an old school soda favorite discovered in 2008 by a 17 year old named Sebastian who was in a garage drunk with a lot of friends.

Hey Im not as think as you drunk i am, another seabass please!
by Sebastian P. December 29, 2009
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A word commonly used to describe someone who has a crush way out of his league.
Guy 1: I like Amanda
Guy 2: But you're a 1 and shes a 10
Guy 2: You’re such a seabass
by Sebastian Cieslak July 25, 2018
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The miniature fuckboy that no one knows they like. he has long eyelashes and looks very attractive when on omegle except when he is from California and leigha calls him cute. loik. look loik up in the urban dictionary if you don't know the definition already. makes annoying noises.
what was that?
oh, don't worry, its just seabass
by bleh bleh blehh February 1, 2017
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Term refering to a redneck or southern dude. Usally wears a trucker hat and a vest jacket.
"Hey Seabass....See ya got the new antlers on the truck....
by Tom Fla. December 7, 2006
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A person who lives in a fish bag and drives to maine to pick up some boobies. They speak with thick russian/slavic/poopsack accents depending upon their current state of seabass-ness. Two currently reside in the Deeg and one lives in a cave in newengland.
EX.) Dear Sexy Seabass,
Rub some hummus on me
Love Sexy Seabass
by seabassluva November 19, 2010
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A lesbian seagul
A girl who is extremly sluty
Lyndsay Hines loves to flont her seabassness to her lesbian friends
by GW Forsyth March 10, 2005
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