having and withholding
"what? you had that lingerie and you were holding back on it?"
by holding back pro January 18, 2012
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Where a man delays himself from cumming so that he can last longer for his sexual partner
Partner: Sam your taking a while to cum
Sam: Dont worry love I'm just holding back the flood for you
by Flaming Sambuca December 12, 2010
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The feeling, specifically after eating spicy food and When you know you have a really big shit coming, but you're nowhere near a bathroom and you have to fight desperately to keep it in. These shits tend to be very liquid, hence the referral to a "River".
Person 1: Man, remeber when we left the James Bay concert and then went for Indian?

Person 2: Yeah, why?

Person 1: Cause i had to really hold back the river until i got home, and when i let it go, it got ugly. I don't think my wife was able to go into our bathroom for the next 3 days.

Person 2: Cheers.
by holdingbackthings November 19, 2015
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Tony said to his wife "I've been holding back the helium all night long just for you"
by dantemac253 February 19, 2012
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This means you say what you think, and you ain't affraid to shine. Even if that can make others hate,mad or jealous.
by Longs89 February 24, 2017
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This phrase is said when a person tries to retaliate at another person who did or said something to provoke them.
Person A: It's Mr Steal-Yo-Girl!
Person B: *grabs innocent bystander* HOLD ME BACK! HOLD ME BACK!
by jewmadbro November 9, 2013
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A skinny girl that that deceptively packs a whole lot of ass that you weren’t aware of at all because you only viewed her from the front.
Derek: Yo did you see that new girl Taylor? She’s pretty hot right?
Justin: Yeah, but she’s too skinny.

Derek: Nah man she’s holding from the back trust me.
Justin: Shit your right. She’s fucking packing. Might have to ask her out just to see how that ass feels.
by SlickComment13 May 1, 2021
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