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Kurt is the most amazing dude you shall ever meet! He is like WAY uber talented. This dude can make amazing music on like any instrument. He has like really and i mean REALLY blue eyes and awesome brown hair. He is REALLY gorgeous inside AND out. He is smart, but is really silly. He can make anyone laugh. Even if you are sitting there trying so hard not to laugh, he will say something random and you will be forced to laugh. He is insanely charismatic, epic beyond all standards, and very lovable. If you don't love him then you just are not a generally nice nor happy person. This Kurt loves family guy and south park, so he loves to laugh. He makes the worst situations great, and the best situations even better than they were to begin with. If you haven't met him yet, i suggest you try to find him. If you have, don't lose whatever relation you have with him. And if you left him, then you are beyond being an idiot. SO yeah... he is simply amazing. END OF STORY! :)
Kurt is super-fantab-ulisticly-beyond-spectacular!
by ThatOneKiddo! :) April 20, 2010
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Hot, sexy, amazing lover.
I am so lucky to have a Kurt. He always satisfies.
by Shadrap January 13, 2017
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A pimp ass individual who is in bed with three women at this very moment. We must get undressed now. Talk to you later.
by Hernia August 27, 2003
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An absolute mad dude.
All Girls wanna be with him, all guys wanna be him.

Girl 1: Did you just see kurt?
Girl 2: OMG OMG OMG He just winked at me *Faints*
*Ambulance Arrives*
Paramedic: What happened here?
Girl 1: That guy over there just winked at her and she fainted.
Paramedic: That guy right there? *points at kurt*
Girl 1: YES!
Paramedic: Wow, isnt he dreamy, what a kurt. *Faints*
by Kurtis101 March 01, 2009
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Kurt is a finely crafted individual with many tremendous qualities. Perhaps the most noticeable of these qualities is Kurt's moral code, which he cannot deny. Acutely aware of his own ephemeral nature, and bound by his ethics, Kurt attempts to optimize every moment he can in making the world a better place.
Donor A: Yah know, donating blood sure does make me feel good about myself.

Donor B: I know, but we're no Kurts!

both laugh

Donor A: Yeah, gotta love Kurt!
by Mr. Microphone June 18, 2009
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Cool, nice guy. Tied to the great Kurt Cobain, and is extremely respectable.
You a really are a Kurt.
by Fonethical April 11, 2004
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A super beast guy who has the ability to turn lesbian girls straight in 0.0021 seconds and he also sails which just makes him even more pimp. He also plays the electric triangle which is undeniably sexy.
Girl: I always thought Kurt was a sex god but then I learned that he sailed and I had no choice but to take my pants off.
by asdfasdfasdfsdasdfasd November 04, 2010
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