Used as adjective, meaning great, very good, exceptional at something or in general.
Our team is exceeding, it is the best here!
by Snook69 March 17, 2014
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Not what zack gets L
Hey i got an exceeding! Not Zack though LOL.
by God12345698 March 22, 2022
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This load weighs 26 tons that is in exceedment of the 25 ton weight limit.
by I.h8.lvrs September 23, 2020
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When a band is still performing with just one or none of the original start-up members, performing songs written by the original members, and using the same gimmicks of the original members to draw a crowd. And it's just a matter of time before the original members and/or songwriter notices and sues their ass to shut them down.

"KISS hasn't exceeded their bandwidth yet, but I say it's only a matter of time."
by so42gob4dawn August 3, 2006
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Noun, meaning a sample or measurement which exceeds a certain metric or criterion.
"Table 4-1 lists the exceedances of state clean-up standards."
by rocktuner February 14, 2008
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