"Hopefully i'll be scoring some heroin in the next hour or so.."

etc.. ;)
by your mom on a stick February 17, 2009
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In Irish slang, to 'make out with' or tongue kiss.
Did you see Stephanie scoring with the guy inthe back of the bar?
by oxford_p March 21, 2011
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Irish slang for "necking" or "making out."
I saw them scoring in the back of the bar.
by modgun April 6, 2011
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To be dating someone.
Alex and I are scoring.
by Bomber December 14, 2005
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A great band that has great music and deserves all the respect like they cant make a bad song ive listened to a heap of their songs and i loved em.

for the people that see this i hope you enjoy The Score like i did

and if you do wanna check em out here is there link
Hey have you heard about the band called The Score 'no' you should check em out
by MattyBoi07 October 19, 2020
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Scores means; 20 pounds worth of marijuana. Half (10 pounds worth) is called a "Benners" & half of a "Benners" (5 pounds worth) is called a "Jax".
Let's pick up a scores.
by Sinyy January 19, 2008
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