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A remark that angers someone not because it's an insult, but because of the truth it contains. From Nebraska state senator Chambers way of saying what he thinks.
Leo just said to your face that you are a Sissie without out your pocket courage. You just got ernied, ain't you going to do something about it? I would but my gun's jammed.
by knowman April 8, 2008
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When you shut your brain off and enjoy the moment.
Today really stunk, I got a 12 pack and a couple of DVDs, it's tard time.
by knowman April 12, 2008
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Some one who loads a lot of expensive software on a computer to raise its' price. Then sells the computer without the program disks, and keys, when a program needs to be reloaded the buyer is hosed.
The xp on my computer didn't have a disk or coa I need to reload it, the loader says not his problem.
by knowman June 11, 2008
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A fictional crooked ebay seller,from Mr. Whipple in the old Charmin commercials , in other words a seller of ass-wipe. Mr Whipple will send the wrong items, and when contacted admit that it is his mistake. Mr Whipple will then offer to give a refund provided you send the items back. Paying $10 to return a $10 item is not worthwhile, and Mr Whipple counts on this. If you point out it is his mistake, and he should pay to fix it Mr Whipple will tell you to read his return policy. If you threaten to give him negative feedback if he doesn't set things right Mr Whipple will shoot back that you are trying to blackmail him , and he is filing a complaint with ebay. By now you realise that Mr Whipple has done this many times before, and the $10 isn't worth the hassle. Signs of Whippledom an item is listed at a good price and gets no bidders item is re-listed at a better price and still no takers. Buyers who would be interested have been burned by the seller,or know about his past scams won't touch it. The seller has some really nasty feedback, and his standard reply is I offered to return their money. A seller whose refund policy is the buyer is responsible for all shipping no exception's deal where the items' cost is cheap and the shipping expensive. What to do. If it makes you feel better leave nasty feedback (like it really does any good), warn your friends, accept the fact that you have been cheated by a pro, and forget about it.
The seller sent the wrong stuff, and expects me to spend $10 for shipping to get a $10 refund, Mr Whipple strikes again. This is the third time I got cheated by Mr Whipple, how many of those guys are there ?
by knowman March 7, 2008
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A place where it is possible to own a $1,000,000 plus house and not the land it sits on. All the land is owned by the Archibald family and leased to the other residents. Leases are for a fixed number of years and are good for the original lessee only, anything that violates the terms of these very complicated leases can result in voiding the lease and having to sell or tear down your building. The difficulty in buying into King Lake is really a protection for social climbers, if you step on the wrong toes you can lose your lease, your house and be booted out with no legal recourse.
Edmund bought his king Lake place for a song the former owner lost his lease and had to sell the house or tear it down.
by knowman April 5, 2008
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A friendship of convenience where a hot girl will team up with, and pretend to show an interest in a nerdy guy, because she needs his help to pass a tuff class. The girl will give the nerd false hope that there could be something between them, and drop the nerd as soon as she no longer needs him.
That poor guy doesn't realise he's just a science class boyfriend.
by knowman March 13, 2008
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throwing away a machine or human after it is decided that they are so worn out or used up that there is no value left. the human gets a small pension that is not enough to live on, the machine is junked.
retirement like death comes to us all.
by knowman February 22, 2009
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