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Trash that some one puts on craigslist's free entry so they won't have to pay to get rid of it. Free trash. A couch that stinks of cat piss is frash.
If a listing on Cl is more than 2 hours old the item is usually frash.
by knowman June 6, 2010
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Going to a site like Craigslist in another city just to see what stuff is selling for there, something you do when really bored.
I went site seeing on Craigslist last night, those clowns in Omaha must think their junk is made of gold.
by knowman July 5, 2010
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Not buying the latest and greatest, making do with what you have, because you have more important places to put the money, such as your kids education or your retirement.
Why am I not keeping up with the Jone's ? My son and my money both go to Marquette.
by knowman April 12, 2008
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The history of the George W Bush white house. Never have so many been so damaged by the massive retardation of so few.
When the book of tard is written the names Bush, and Chaney will fill several chapters.
by knowman March 27, 2008
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a person who thinks thier tricks are cute,funny,or clever when they are mean, stupid,or disruptive. they tend to be social missfits who like to dish it out,but don't like getting it back. even if they know they are wrong they never apolagise,thier response is whats the matter can't you take a joke. these people get sent to sensativity training a lot,but it doesn't do any good.
the office gossip who spends more time making trouble than working. the unpractial joker who swaps mouse and keyboard cables jacking up your computer. the guy who makes things up to have something to say,
by knowman February 23, 2008
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When a boss dumps an impossible job on you with no warning, or support and wants it done yesterday.
The machine has been down for weeks. Now they want me to pull a rabbit out of my ass , and get it working because they need it by lunch.
by knowman December 16, 2009
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1. A well thought out, and designed project using the finest parts, and workmanship. 2. A cobbled together piece of junk using what trash you could get for nothing. Custom is in the eye or the stupidity of the beholder.
You can't polish a turd, but you can spray paint it gold, and call it custom.
by knowman February 11, 2012
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