Getting absolutely smashed at a party.
Person1: dude did you see how drunk Josh got last weekend.
Person2: yeah he was cobbled...
by 123456oddshot March 10, 2014
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Johnny was walking when he heard Ross's voice screaming "get off the cobbles".
by knoxalicious July 28, 2009
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(v): describes the act of putting together an income from a variety of sources, rather than the traditional one-income, one-job norm.
"Although I used to have a job, now I cobble to make ends meet."

"Cobbling is a much more fulfilling way to live my life; while I don't necessarily know where my next paycheck will come from, I am able to pursue several different interests at once.
by worldli February 27, 2009
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While in a seated position, The act of moving one’s knees in and out in a rhythmic motion to cool off your nutsack or to masturbate.
Jimmy just got finished running a 5k and he is cobbling to cool down the family jewels
by Crabman69 August 10, 2018
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To immediately ejaculate uncontrollably.
"Did you see Stacy's mom's new bikini?"
"Yeah, I know, I almost cobbled my pants."
by Bonshaquita Lafondria September 13, 2011
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The act of eating a fruit-filled pastry of the circular variety out of the booty-hole of another person for sexual pleasure.
I was cobbling that bitch so hard last night, I'm going to have to see the dentist tomorrow.
by arabidsquirrel October 26, 2019
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short for cobblestones, slang for testicles
"you don't have the cobbles"
"kick him square in the cobbles"
by hdink April 28, 2007
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