He is well hung: He has a large penis.
Wow, that guy is either well hung or he stuck a ball down his pants.
by Newbia June 30, 2004
A term used to describe a male with a large penis.
Kendall is well hung likea donkey!
by Aaron Cooper May 28, 2005
having a large cock
All the girls want jo bc he is so well hung.
by brandi February 7, 2003
what you'd be if your mother was Welch and your father was Hungarian.
I'm well hung. And I also have a large penis.
by HappyHenry35 May 25, 2004
Something male UGA students aren't since they go to a majority female institution!
These UGA prettyboys aren't well hung!
by Yellowjacket Jenn October 29, 2004
the wretched state of both body and mind an individual binge drinker achieves, after said binge drinkining continues in excess of 48 consecutive hours, resulting in a hangover, far more intolerable than a day-after-bachelor-party type of hangover.
Sweet Jesus, I drank enough tequilla to fill the Grand Canyon last night, and I'm so well hung, I would rather listen to William Hung's "She Bangs" on permanent repeat, if ony i could rid myself of this feeling.
by Annastasia Beeverhousen July 2, 2007
Well-hung guys tend to jack off with BOTH hands.
by brook July 31, 2004