A spouse is the husband or wife of a person. This is a common word indicating "someone you are married to." This word is often used in forms/applications, etc.
Spouse's name? _________
by xxyuli November 3, 2006
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How you refer to a same sex partner if you do not wish to implicitly come out to the person to whom you are speaking.
"I didn't want those guys to know I was gay, so I called Jack my spouse."
by Johnny Rocker September 25, 2009
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this spouse had the most whippin funky grosm id ever mandated
by mobius May 30, 2004
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is the opposite sex gender you married. to save time from trying to figure out if its husband or wife, you can just say spouse.
this is my beautiful spouse... this is my dashing spouse.
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When a friend cancels plans or stands you up and then later blames it on his/her significant other. Note, however, that in actuality, it might just be your friend being a prick and looking for someone to take the blame. Formerly "wifed", but extended for today's sexist society.
"Bob never showed up at the bar last night. He called today and said his girlfriend had a headache so he had to stay home."

"That doesn't make any sense. Anyway, he told me he didn't want to go. You got spoused, man."
by Taco D. Loco January 17, 2010
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That person, friend and companion who is always there to help you with the problems you would never have had if you were single.
Spouse in Spanish means handcuffs. Enough said!
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being forced to dry hump any given object by all of your closest male friends
steger's episode of spousing his mom lead to his friends questioning if he suffered from the oedipus complex
by Humey2 January 3, 2009
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