A guard animal that gays use to prevent being raped. A specially trained ass-weasel that is your back door buddy protecting your anus from intrusion.
When I came too my pants were down and there was blood everywhere,my butt-weasel saved my ass. Frank was well hung,he tangled with a butt-weasel and now he's well hung in a jar. Remember boys take care of your butt-weasel, and your butt-weasel will take care of you.
by knowman March 10, 2008
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An expensive but very effective means of HIV prevention, like a trunk monkey only better.
Thanks to my butt-weasel I'm not scared of prison shower rooms anymore. The Butt-weasel don't leave home without it. Sure the butt-weasel is expensive but, what's your ass worth?
by benthere March 11, 2008
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A Homosexual who hangs around wooded Public Areas like Nature Preserves, pretending to be just relaxing and enjoying the scenery, but in reality is trolling for a quick homosexual hookup.
Bruce the Butt Weasel was at the park again, eyeballing some fellow Homos, and trying to get a quick blowjob, when the Rangers spotted him and kicked him out, due to citizen complaints of his obvious trolling for Queers.
by Rory O'Doul June 7, 2018
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A buttmunch, dingus, poopy face or otherwise not very nice/irritating person or thing.
1. Gah! Why does my internet have to be such a butt weasel!

2. Dude, stop being a butt weasel and answer your phone!
by The Homiec C June 27, 2008
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A butt Weasel is a person who is considered a scrawny little weirdo you'll often witness them Yelling at people of authority, females and their own mothers. at night the butt weasel curls into a ball like position and contemplates its next stupid move of the following day. Its main task at work is to do absolutley nothing and become very agitated once they are summoned to do physical labor at their job.
Wow i cannot believe that Guy is yelling at his female boss like that, although it had planted many trees and are physically tired doesnt mean the butt weasel can do absolutley nothing at work, occasionally will say multiple retarted outbursts
by Res562cue May 14, 2016
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A very derogatory name for whom you wish would crawl into Paris Hilton's butt hole and suffocate.
Jake: Dude Jose stole my bike and fucked my sister!

Derrick: Wow, what a jerk!

by Dr. McPenisburgh August 17, 2011
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A very cute and crazy cat that exceeds the pre-fixed state of lunicy.
Barney the Butt Weasel shreds our dwelling at twice the rate of most other kittens.
by Botlupa November 8, 2006
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