vi. or vt.
1. Something internet users in general – and multiplayer-gamers, chatroom-goers, email-senders, webboard-poster and instant-messagers in particular – lack the capacity to do (to the things they write.)
I am proofreading my report.

I dont prfread teh emials i sned so htey alwsya edn up lookign liek htis.
by Qaanol January 21, 2005
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That brief moment after you utilize toilet paper for its intended purpose when you quickly inspect the content before discarding it.
I had to proofread my shit to check for corn.
by TheMonger May 8, 2006
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Checking your god damn paper for incorrect spelling and grammatical mistakes.
I should have been proofreading my paper last night instead of watching "The Office." I could have caught my wrong use of the word "There."
by Jesus = Jew February 3, 2016
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Something nobody does on this site, thus paving the way for incomprehensible gibberish that looks like it was written by retarded infants who were thrown at brick walls, half of whom (not the walls, you doofus) were promptly scooped up and thrown farther by garbage trucks. That should explain why this shithole feels like an asylum.
Proofreading your definitions will not give you cancer. Just do it. Please.
by Yopmail User July 4, 2023
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Reading an email or text to check for stupid mistakes after it's been sent.
That message I just sent you should have said, "Please *don’t* go on a date with my ex-girlfriend." Good thing I post-proofread it.
by iBetty December 21, 2011
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