NO! it's not just shoving your tounge down thier throat, you have to massage thier tounge with yours while they massage yours with thiers. This comes much more natural then you would think. If done for more than 2 minutes, it's considered "Making Out".
Damn that was a good kiss. I love frenching my girlfriend.
by Jim Flinch February 16, 2004
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1. Making out using tongue. Quite pleasurable.
2. The act of getting your nails french manicured.
1. His little sister walked in while we were frenching, so we had to bribe her with chocolate.
2. I totally got my nails frenched, how hot are they?
by Mariam February 12, 2005
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a form of affection or kissing between two people that when x-rayed would look like a worm fight. Two slimy things going at it. It is also often referred to as spit swapping, tonsul hockey, tounge dancing, or worm wrestling.
I hate it when people are frenching in the hallway they should get a room.
by KIM March 2, 2004
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To stick your toungue down someone's throat while their mouth is open, and they do the same thing to you at the same time...yeah sounds like a good time.
i was frenching JC last night, what were you doing??
by buZzworthy0112 January 16, 2004
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In countries where you drive on the left (UK, Commonwealth, Japan..), driving on the right hand side of the road, like in France - hence frenching
"Dude! Stop frenching! You're gonna go to jail!!"
by pushtheenvelope May 29, 2007
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What Canadians say when they mean French from France.
"Did you know Jay Baruchel speaks French?"
"French French or Canadian French?"
"Canadian French I think."
by antfred March 28, 2016
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the greatest language in the world to say f*ck you in many ways.
like:"nique ta mere,va te faire foutre,va te faire enculer,tu vas prendre cher,je te baise profond,je vais t'enculer si fort qu'on verra le jours a travers ta bouche..."
this is so french!
by founefoune March 20, 2011
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