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a term used when you see a girl with a firm, big, tight packed ass. {most black girls have ghetto booties}
"dawg, look at that girls ghetto booty!
by Big Big D June 05, 2003
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a big booty that when you turn your back people say damn thats a nice ass!
by Anonymous March 22, 2003
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(n.) The exceptionally formed buttocks of a woman (usually black, often latin, rarely white, never asian) that strains the "normal" aesthetic boundaries of size, shape and proportion.
Most hip hop videos contain an abundance of ghetto booty.
by Sumpn' Wicked February 23, 2005
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a big ass mostly found on women
That Girl got a ghettobooty u can see that ass amile away
by Anonymous December 27, 2002
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The way a fine lady's rear can be seen from both the front and the back. Race is irrelevant. If you're fairly weak and can't handle a real piece of ass you probably have no love the the "ghetto booty" and further more,
don't have any business even thinking about doggystyle. Many white people do not understand how important the ghetto booty truly is. I am white and their mistake is MY GAIN!
when I got behind her you should have seen the way I made her ghetto booty jiggle!
by sizzlehead September 01, 2004
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