83 definition by kim

Didn't get caught by the cops.
Dude, I've done this a thousand times, it's totally legal.
by kim October 26, 2004

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an abbreviation for birthday
Let's throw Stacy a surprise b-day party!
by Kim November 20, 2003

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When some idiot is making no fucking sense, so you just smile and nod.
"Just smile and nod"
by Kim October 16, 2003

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this word has two definitions:
1) to denote some one whom is far beyond the relms of uglyness and combine it with the word fucking with out the use of profanity in a public place fucking + ugly = fugly
2) can also be assosiated with the Lindsay Lohan film 'Mean Girls', where by two insults are combined to save the time of the one throwing them. therefor Fat + Ugly = Fugly
you know that girl over there...i hate her...she's such a fugly slut!!
by kim June 14, 2006

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New Found Glory is a band that plays a type of rock music. There are five members.
There is a New Found Glory concert tonight! Lets go!
by Kim December 01, 2003

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To get on an unsuspecting hot person.
"Damn, he's hot. I'm gonna pounce him tonight."
by Kim July 28, 2003

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An area where aliens are supposed to be.
Area 51 is spooky!
by kim December 18, 2003

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