83 definition by kim

Very cool, awesome
you're so trippindicular!
by kim June 23, 2003

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one who stuffs gerbils into their anus for sexual gratification
Sig stuffs gerbils in his ass because the little claws feel good to his rectum wall.
by kim July 10, 2003

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1. A person who repeatedly bounces off the walls in convulsive laughter.
2. Someone who is extremely talented at producing BS and making it sound valid and at the same time completely hysterical.
3. Someone who is obviously in a weird mood and isn't making any sense.
1. I can't believe how hyper Shelly was tonight, she was bouncing off the walls.
2. That durn goof nut tried to tell me da bears won the super bowl last year. he even gave me statistics... durn goof nut.
3. person 1: Hey, what's up?
by Kim January 15, 2004

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the inability to type words properly
when i'm distracted, i suffer from classalier
by Kim February 07, 2005

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A nick name, mostly used for children.(ex:pumpkins, cupake, sweetheart)
"You are my little lambikins, Kyle."
by kim December 27, 2003

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a man with a small penis.
Dude...look at Dave's tiny tragedy!!
by Kim February 18, 2005

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A stupid newspaper in NY.
"Ben likes to read the times daily"
by Kim October 16, 2003

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