Alternative method of pronouncing the name 'TJ'.
"Yo, Teej! What's going on?"
by Weshoujo August 9, 2019
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A gesture that is performed by lifting both shoulders and eyebrows up and grimacing and is an indication of either one's agreement or apathy. A typical attitude or thought whilst performing this gesture include "I concur my homie" or "I can't/don't want to get involved"
Dude1: "Dude, can you give me a ride to the Angels game?"
Dude2: (Teej) ..."Dude, the Angels need new pitching."
Dude1: "I'll teej to that" (Teej) "but they're still my team!"
by 1tiredhapa May 26, 2009
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Zkk frien (also Kyuubi and Joji) He smart but not on Zkk level. He coo. They used to call him skywalker.
Person 1- Teej dropped that nigga.
Person 2- Why
Person 1- Cuz he tried to smoke him an Zkk
by ImastalkeršŸ¤« February 2, 2021
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A way to insult another person in a vulgar way. Usually used to insult ones metal capacity. Highly considered more insulting than the word "retard".
1. "Your such a flippin' teej"

2. "Stop being a teej!"
by yayayaya January 6, 2008
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Noun: The moment of akward silence that proceeds after somebody you know makes an extremely bad, hapless, half-witted joke. Usually, it is a desperate attempt to be funny by said person and the resulting teej encapsulates both deathly silence and pity for the creator of the teej. Nobody is immune
We were all at the restaurant and the waitress brought our pizza to our table. We all thanked her but Jonny, who said "when you bent over to put down our food you were like the leaning tower of pizza" which made a total teej.

I was sat with my mum and she made a really bad joke, she totally teejed the moment.
by BuzzKillKiller December 29, 2011
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A Term used to define the act of stealing someone's love interest. Teejing can be done either subconsciously or on purpose with the ultimate goal of ending up with the other person's girl.
Because the act of Teejing someone can be described as morally wrong, it is discouraged to Teej your close friends as it is not right.
Yooo did this nigga really just Teej me?
Don't get Teejed bro!
by issamovement March 29, 2017
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