a School Resource Officer, generally a cop who works at a high school
"Our SRO is supposed to stop fights and drug use at our school, but really he just harasses us about wearing hats inside."
by r-gay April 4, 2018
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Standing room only - used both in a literal (usually) and non-literal sense. Generally used in show related venues like a Broadway theater or an entertainment bar. Literally means no seats left, non-literally suggests "overwhelmingly successful" or "more popular than expected," etc.
It was packed here last night!

Yo, dude, SRO.
by Faruck November 16, 2021
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Single Room Only. A type of housing where there are single bedrooms with shared bath and, perhaps, kitchen facilities.
There is an SRO over on sixth ave with vacancies.
by rubberroom November 9, 2005
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Female bros. You can chill with them, drink with them, play sports with them, party with them and rely on them.
Forrest and his sros had a great time at formal last night.
by the_best_sro June 4, 2018
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Should've ran on Sunday

A term originating from a cross country coach when complaining about his runners, later turned into a meme at the first meet by some runners preparing for a race
Runner 1: Aww I missed my PR by one second!!!
Runner 2: You should've ran on Sunday #SROS...
(Both see Runner 3 get passed by Runner 4 in the last 100 meters)
Runner 1: #SROS
by Anonymous27182818 August 20, 2017
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"Srother" or "Sbrother" is the full version of "Sbro" or "Sro"
slang term created by fashion photographer $an4d

Sro/Sbro means "Super Rare Only" or "Super Brother"
Saying sro/sbro is very similar to saying nigga, but isn't subjective to only African Americans.
Mike: Hey sro, you got that good shit?
Plug: you know I always got the best srother!
by AzureRa December 5, 2021
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