adj. The vastly optimistic assessment your friends use to describe the blind date they've arranged for you.
Matt: So tell me about her. Is she cute?

Claire: She's "good looking".

Matt: Wait...huh?
by lugnutwrench July 17, 2008
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people that look annoyingly better than you.

Goodlooking people IE those that get sex regularly.
grr. that bastard looks better than me...
by HotrodHerman March 3, 2004
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lauren, holly, hannah and leena.
goddam them bithches are hot!
by loz November 6, 2003
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Someone passes you a cigarette because you're out and you reply "good looks."
by Amy August 7, 2003
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1. To let someone know you appericiate their effort to help you out.

2. Abbreviation for good looking out.
1. Friend: Hey man you forgot your keys.
You: Aw thanks man, good look.

2. You: Can I get a ride?
Friend: Sure man.
You: Good look.
by Y0shi July 1, 2005
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