An adverb that is widely overused by morons who are trying to sound intelligent.
I'm a complete moron, however my mother still loves me

how nevertheless
by Matt206 February 14, 2011
To the layman, it's an alternative to but. However, the connotations of but are wholly negative, whereas however provides an Icarus from the ashes.

Use it sparingly, use it well.
She: 'I must profess I have a big butt. However, it's as shapely as the legend of bootylicious, therefore you must worship.'
You: indeed.
by little-miss can't do wrong September 9, 2011
However: you are about to say something different from the statement in a sentence
I would want to make a research; however, i will do the research after thorough study
by Jesmion Chikwudi Ibekwe August 10, 2017
the word ms.jones always says for no particular reason
me: hey ms.jones can i use this strategy?
ms.jones: well, you can
me: ok-
ms.jones: howEVER, it's easier to do it this way
by coolsuperstalin February 3, 2020
What people say to trail off on a tangent to prove a point.
Uncle: you could do it, however comma, the bar would kick you out because...
by GNOME_TICKLER July 8, 2018
When you firmly yet gently disagree with what Team Plasma said years ago.
by 15inchhaxoruscock August 14, 2021
An analogy used to respond to someone who has an odd method of doing something, one that is different to the normal way and different to your way of doing it.
John: How are you getting to work tomorrow?
Bill: I’m planning on riding a unicycle
John: However you cook your chicken then.
by NoLeafClover June 20, 2020