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The Homerized version of educate. Other examples include Gradumacation, Saxamophone, Trampampoline and Translamacation
"Can you edumacate me in the ways of the saxamophone?"
"Let me translamacate it for you while we play on the trampampoline"
by Stitch Groover June 11, 2005
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A form of educate meaning to educate the ignorant in particular, a very word in southern michigan and used in other locations internationally.
kid 1: "the movie madagascar is based on a fake place"

kid 2: "no its real"

kid 3: "yeah look at the map its real"

kid 2: "dude you just got edumacated"
by P. I. G. August 11, 2011
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Edumacate; An uneducated way people, including Redneck's, Hill-Billy's and Feral people use in place of the word Education to sound smarter than they may be.

Contexts; Edumacation, Edumacated, Edumacates
Upon Mary-Sue's return from elementary school on her 33'rd Birthday exclaims without moderation "1 and 1 is 11...I've dun bin Edumacated, aint dat sumpin, Jim-Bob?"
by The Urban Myth September 05, 2008
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The art of educating another with pure sass.
"What is a Denzel?"
"An huge unexpected boner in your face from an unwitting comrade, dummy."
"Ah! I comprehend!"
"You, my friend, have been edumacated!"
by lotfullstop October 16, 2017
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