when on the dance floor, getting your peice rubbed, if u go up the skirt and u get up it while dancing u have copped a feel, "on the dance floor"
mike - shit son u got that
me- on the dance floor,
mike- yo ure pro
me -on the dance floor
by thisguyyo April 28, 2006
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After a 20 minute delay, all players in the final pairing are now on the dance floor.
by talk2me-JCH2 May 29, 2022
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While dancing on the dance floor at a night club; start grinding with a girl, then have one hand covering you ear (mimicking a Dj who has their head phone on), subsequently, the other hand finger banging her vagina. All these movements should be in one smooth motion and synchronized with the music beats.
Bro A: where were you? we were looking for you
Bro B: I am exhausted, I was a Dj on the dance floor!
by kingsumc February 19, 2017
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A “music” group that fucking sucks. Nothing but wanna be musicians who have no talent
Person 1: hey come listen to blood on the dance floor with me
Person 2: No thanks I’m already gay
by Rockable5000 April 20, 2018
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1) a kickass Michael Jackson song that centers around a girl named Susie who seduces Jackson and kills him with a knife. It's the first single off of his 1997 remix album "Blood On The Dance Floor: HIStory in the mix"

2) A 1997 remix album by Michael Jackson that consists of 8 remix from Jackson's previous album "HIStory" and 5 new songs, the most notable being "Ghost" and "Blood On The Dance Floor"
Person 1: Man I love Blood On The Dance Floor !
Person 2: Yeah, they're such a great band!
Person 1: Band!? I was referring to the Michael Jackson song, what were you referring to?
Person 2: oh uhh Nothing...heh


Person 1: Blood On The Dance Floor is a really good album, my favorites from it are Ghost and of course, Blood On The Dance Floor
by $wagworth September 14, 2017
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A band so horrible; that Jesus is currently writing eight billion apology letters to be delivered by Santa Claus on Christmas.
Jesus: Hey Santa? Will you mail this for me.

Santa: Oh, what's this?

Jesus: You know that shitty band I convinced my dad to make while he was really high? Blood on the Dance Floor or whatever?

Santa: Yeah?

Jesus: When he snapped out of it he told me I had to write apology letters to every single human on Earth.
by CbrLaneSplitter250 March 6, 2014
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