A very under appreciated album for what it is worth. Louis Tomlinsons first album which is extremely honest and open with listeners.
person 1: STREAM WALLS
person 2: i already have 28 times :)
by ur mom :)))))))) September 22, 2020
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A general term for the female birth canal. Also can refer to the room.
I'm tryin to walk before I crawl I want it all..ever since I came out of my momma's walls. -Y. Zee
by GanJi April 26, 2005
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They are primarily used to separate rooms.

i would be able to go into the next room, if it wasn't for this wall.
by Hal June 11, 2003
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Interesting term, it means vaginal opening as far as I'm concerned.
"...Take you home, let you juggle my balls (my balls)
While I'm beatin and tearin down your walls (oh yeah)"

-Trillville, Some Cut
by Andi March 20, 2005
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(Noun) a man with a little dick and huge ego. also loves to abuse the power that is given to him and believed to have a fetish with the gee dunk and trying to act like a hardass. would get ass beat if found in town without a uniform on.
that dudes walls is a real tool
by igotcha March 04, 2009
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