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The process of education through the act of graduation. A period of time when you learn that usually lasts four to five years.
I went to my girls gradumacation yesterday.
by eastumcounty June 9, 2006
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A George Bushism; a word derived from the act of placing incongruous syllables together to form a new word. It is 'white ebonics' and developed by non-users of the King's English, George Bush.
George Bush ordered a preemptive strike on Iraq as he wanted to irradimacate Saddam, something his father failed to do. This act stole our youth's educational pursuits to gradumacate from college.
by Richard Black June 11, 2005
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The successful completion of four years of school, with passing grades. See also edumacate.
"At her high school gradumacation, Ellen whooped and hollered for joy, because she realized the joys that edumacation brings."

"After receiving C's in every high school class, Josiah was finally ready to gradumacate."
by Kim August 9, 2004
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Getting so shit-faced from post-graduation drinking games that you keep mispronouncing the word "graduate"
"I just gradumacated"
"I'm gradumacating!"
by djoopy July 19, 2018
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