have a deep conversation with somebody that you wanna talk to; vent
Hey it’s been a minute let’s get into something
by the guru urban November 10, 2017
Getting away:

Prankster(?): click here if you wanna hfshbcysbfckhsneuknvcsyrgbvkfudkvbrkd
victim: ????? who did this??

NOT getting away:

Prankster: click here if you wanna.
victim: _______ I know you did this. You're not getting away with something when you're doing it to me.
by Borkgamer1234 October 14, 2018
getting something good like money or a woman to be with
my nigga i'm trying to get something to fight with
by Con Artist July 1, 2005
A metaphor for a near impossible task
Phool: "That test is 20 pages long and I got ten minutes to do it!"
Ramroaster: "So that's a 'getting something published on Urban dictionary' situation?"
Phool: "Yep."