Kates are the people u want as your friend and if u have one keep her she's will fix all your problems.But theres one thing that most people dont know about Kate's they are very emotional.But they dont want to show if there sad so they stay positive in school and in public.But when they get home they sometimes will cry.I mean my names Kate I do this I cry.But Kate's wont tell anyone about.But I felt that I could say it on here because it is spontaneous.I could be your Bff for all u know.But Kate's hide stuff for a reason they like positive things not negative stuff so they try and succeed to make people happy.They also hide some of there talents like if they can sing,really good but the only person that will know that is there best friend.
Kate:Okay bye bye see u tomorrow

When Kate gets home
Kate:I hate my life
Kate starts to cry continuously
by Yellow Kat November 8, 2018
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Kate is the most beautiful girl in the world. You'll love her to death shell read this like a dumbass but not realize its you writing it. She's beautiful cute smart funny (sometimes) a weirdo sometimes a smartass but I love her. Shell be there for you no matter what. She won't ever stop being loyal. She's an amazing friend and the best girlfriend you can ever have. She can take a hit like a champ and not get broken. She may whine sometimes like a crybaby but she doesn't ever get boring and you'll only want her for the rest of your life. Its like love at first sight in front of a tux shop in Glendale. Surprise...06/29/2014
by thomasloveskate February 7, 2015
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Someone who is nice but can’t be on time! The smartest, courageous and most fun person alive.
Kate: I am soooo sorry you know I can’t get outta bed
by Diditheworst June 18, 2018
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Kate is a smart, practically ingenious, girl. She could be attractive, but she's too lazy to put any actual effort in and usually has messy hair. She's much stronger than she looks, so beware. Kate doesn't take anything from anyone and could probably beat you up right now, but won't unless you're provoking her. She's very defensive of things she has an attachment to.
Penny: Ugh, did you see what Kate's stepsister wore to that ceremony?
Kate: What the hell are you saying about my stepsister?!
by Potato Friend May 6, 2017
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Kate will always be there to make you laugh.
Kate will always be there to make your day better than it already is.
Kate will make you a better person than you already are.
Kate is the best human being ever created.
Kate is the most beautiful girl in the whole world.
Kate is the smartest girl in the whole world.
Kate has so much good in her that I can’t list everything because the list would be infinite.
by Gdowns1 November 7, 2019
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A "Kate" is someone who surprises you by coming into your life and lighting it up like the sun, when you didn't realize it was dark. She's someone who is a better person than you are, makes you a better person than you thought you could be, and fills your heart with joy you never knew was possible. She's a unicorn - you don't believe she can exist, until suddenly she's there, in your life, your heart, your days. She's someone who walled thru a hell that would have broken others, yet came out sweet, stronger, but able to be vulnerable. The pain she's known breaks your heart to hear, and you cry in private when you consider how others have hurt her. But you wouldn't know she's ever suffered - her laugh is musical, and her joy is strong and unbreakable. When she's scared or cries all you want to do is hold her, protect her,love her, and you spend hours wishing you could erase her hurts and hurt the people who hurt her. She has the most beautiful hands, feet, face, body, hair... (all the things) you've ever seen. You love her helplessly, hopelessly, and act like a knucklehead when she's around. You spend every minute you can with her, ache when you're apart, and spend all your phone battery on talking with her. All you want to do is hold her forever. All you want from life is to marry her and spend every minute, every breath you have, in her arms. That's a "Kate", and there's only one of them. In short, she's your queen.
I've met my Kate!!
by Noble Mouse 1 July 17, 2023
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Kate is a very beautiful cute girl anyone would be lucky to have/meet a Kate
Kate is cute
by Danielbrot October 16, 2018
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