to steal another person's moment of acknowledgment, spotlight, and attention by interrupting them as they are talking
Kanye West taking the microphone and voicing his opinions during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Bill interrupting Chris' science presentation by standing in front of him and saying, "I think your presentation is lame, and I like butterflies." (Bill busted a "Kanye")
by robbytharobot September 15, 2009
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To cause the jaw to be wired or have a wired jaw.
If he keep talking shit I'ma kanye his ass.
by Brian Walker August 29, 2005
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or Kanye West, a rapper/producer who dresses like Carlton from Fresh Prince, but can still rap good. He doesn't use much drug/sex reference. He can put great music behind his good lyrics. He makes funny rhymes sometimes. The College Dropout was the best overall album i have ever heard. There isn't one song on there that is bad.
Did you hear Kanye's album, people think Jesus Walks is his only good song, but there a lot of songs on that album better than jesus walks.
by The Jet March 30, 2005
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next to tupac and the B.I.G. for the best rappers ever, he reveals what life is really about, unlike other rappers just rhyme about sex, drugs, money, he raps about his lifetime expierences and jesus, which is great cuse poser sellouts and wankstas like nelly and G- Unit are just influencing young blacks to drugs acahol violence and sex. Not to mention he makes crazy beats also. Kanye West is true talent. Hes change the rap game forever. He is giving hip hop a up beat artist. Rap would be perfect and not fake if we could get rid of those gangster actors like G-Unit outta of the game, and get more influental and positive artists like kanye
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Doing something stupid or rude which was quite disruptive when you know you weren't supposed to.
Without any thinking, the man pulled a kanye by mooning the audience during the play of Shakespeare's Hamlet embarrassing himself and the production team.
by karmayogi54 September 14, 2009
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1. n. a douchebag
2. v. to act like a douchebag
1. You can be right, and still be a kanye.
2. Lil Wayne is 'ight, but he's gettin kinda kanye lately.
by TaoJoannes September 14, 2009
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An publicly rude manner of interrupting another person(s) moment to drawn attention to yourself or your narrow-minded opinion(s). Usually due to an in ability to accept another persons spotlight attention in general.

Based on Kanye West's instantly infamous interruption of Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards for Best Female Video with his stuttering shout out to Beyonce. (see 'Imma let you finish')
Did you see how Bill pulled a kanye on Steve when he received the best employee award.

Micheal Scott from the show Office Space is famous for pulling kanyes when his employees are getting more spotlight attention than himself.
by phealingood September 17, 2009
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